Who we are

The Research Center for Clinical Neuroimmunology and Neuroscience Basel (RC2NB) is based on a non-profit foundation. It was founded in 2019 by the University Hospital Basel with participation of the University of Basel to continue and enhance the long-standing commitment and internationally renowned, clinically oriented research for patients with multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmunological diseases.

What we aim for

RC2NB coordinates and supports several competitively funded research groups, dedicated to improving the clinical, imaging, biochemical, molecular, and cellular characterization of the disease process and understanding the benefits and side effects of newly developed therapies. Switzerland’s largest MS center, the established high-quality patient cohorts coordinated from here, the local, national, and international networks as well as academic partner institutions and collaborating industry provide optimal conditions for RC2NB’s mission.

With its interdisciplinary team and its alignment of basic research, clinical research, and patient care, RC2NB aims at rapid translation of research results into advances of patient treatment and diagnosis. Main activities of RC2NB include the development of innovative digital biomarkers, the establishment of structures and expertise for managing and processing large volumes of highly complex data, and the application of cutting-edge analytic approaches, including artificial intelligence. 

Our Governance

Governance Bodies

Last updated: 06 March 2024

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Chief Executive Officer RC2NB

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